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CEO, J-BUND Consulting Co., Ltd.
Katsumi Fujimaki

Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1965, Katsumi Fujimaki joined a major department store after graduating from university. He joined JMA Consultants Inc. in April 1992 and became a Senior Consultant in April 2005. In July 2012, he was assigned to serve concurrently as the CEO of J-Bund Consultants(Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

Since Fujimaki joined JMAC, he has been providing consultation in the fields of food, apparel, retail, drugs and cosmetics, and housing. The theme of his support is increasing business competitiveness and earning power by starting from a consumer contact point. He has a track record of consulting concerning the entire supply chains of retailers, wholesalers/agents, and manufacturers.

■ Main achievements

- Fresh food supply chain management
- Increasing sales competitiveness starting from storefronts
- Organization of agents and restructuring of trading system
- Formulation of marketing strategies in China

・Apparel, Cosmetics
- Reconstruction of work process for increasing business’ earning power
- Merchandising management innovation
- Skill development and training, including ones for improving customer service abilities of store staff

- Restructuring of chain operation/store operation
- Designing and operating human resource management aimed at integrating performance improvement with human resource development, etc.


Recently, he is focusing on consulting activities in China and has been accumulating achievements such as sales expansion of Japanese companies in China, strengthening of agent management, and restructuring of business process for implementation of strategies by local companies in China.

Vice CEO, Chief Consultant,J-BUND Consulting Co., Ltd.
Gang Qian

Gang Qian graduated from Keio University in Tokyo and joined JMA Consultants Inc. in 2004.


In July 2012, he was appointed the Vice CEO and Chief Consultant of J-Bund Consultants(Shanghai) Co. Ltd.


Since joining JMAC, he has worked mainly in the fields of business strategy in China and work process innovation. He is always sensitive to changes in business in China and has a unique perspective based on a belief that “the only thing that remains unchanged is the fact that there are changes.” Concerning the Chinese market, he believes that the change from a developing country to a developed country is at the base of all such changes taking place in China. He is capable of leading corporate innovation in positive directions in view of changes based on the above perception, including objective changes, such as economic growth and rise in the level of consumption, or also subjective changes made by people, such as policy revisions by the administrative sector, including the government, management policy changes by business managers, and changes in customers’ purchasing intents.

■Main achievements

・Specialized fields

- Business strategies in China

- Work process innovation




2013: Electronics       Formulation of business plan and follow-up


2013: International trade     Internal training for strengthening sales abilities


2013: Open seminar      Foray into the food industry in China


2013: Retail FC        Work process standardization


2013: Electronics      DD for acquiring companies in China and Southeast Asia


2013: Machinery      Risk assessment for ODM production in China

Chief Consultant, J-BUND Consulting Co., Ltd.
Tian Xia

Tian Xia joined JMAC China in 2005 and was involved with consulting on a wide variety of manufacturing industry themes, including production innovation, quality improvement, reduction of manufacturing costs and innovation in indirect operations.


He then joined J-Bund in 2011. He now works on a number of issues related to small and medium enterprises, and that are not limited to manufacturers, such as marketing strategies, work process innovation, and supply chain.


He places emphasis on his own problem awareness and thinking methods, rather than focusing solely on generally accepted solutions and consulting methods. He is enthusiastic about pursuing the most appropriate approach to innovation for each customer based on the customer’s actual conditions and future potential.


In his many years of onsite practice, he has formed his own untraditional methods of solving issues by combining the unique characteristics of issues in China with academic theories and practical experience in Japan. He is highly and widely acclaimed for his practical efforts, including consulting activities for companies, open lectures, and training.


Book: Saishin! Chugoku no Kojo Jijo [The Situation of Chinese Industrial Plants] (co-author), 2009, PHP

He has also written a number of articles related to production.

Consulting Assistant, J-BUND Consulting Co., Ltd.
Xujiang Tang

Xujiang Tang graduated from a prestigious university in China and worked for a major company engaged in water environment improvement before he joined J-Bund Consultants(Shanghai) Co. Ltd.


Since joining J-Bund, he has been engaged in practical activities such as improvement of site management, work process improvement, IE training, and training on logical thinking in fields including food, retail, and drugs and cosmetics. With spoken Japanese, Chinese, and English ability, he has been a powerful human resource for the company.


He places emphasis on the awareness of the original point. Recognizing and defining the true problem is the first step toward solving a problem. Whenever a client consults with him, he does not just listen to what the client says but tries to present his own hypothesis or interpretation after thoroughly considering the problem, ask appropriate questions, clarify what the client is thinking, and define the true problem.


As a consultant, he places emphasis on practice rather than theory, viewpoints rather than methods, and ways of thinking rather than ways of solving. His ultimate goal is to convert what he thinks into an achievement for his client.

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