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JMAC Quality Management System Diagnosis
Environmental Management Strategy and EMS Building Program
MFCA - Method of Visualizing "Mottainai"
Program for Supporting Formulation of Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
Companywide Climate Reform for Improving Workplace Abilities
White Collar Productivity Improvement
Appropriate Personnel Configuration Based on Work Volume
Work Visualization (Manualization)
Innovation in Management of Shared Service Operations
Innovation of Head Office Functions (Head Offices of Operating Companies/Group Headquarters)
Business Model, Process Innovation with BPM
Supply Chain Enhancement (Restructuring and Instructions) Program
Logistics Cost Reduction
Building of Global Logistics
Support for Building of Short-Cycle Plan and Production System
Support for Building of Centralized System for Production, Sales, and Inventory
Support for Building of Inventory Reduction/Adjustment System
Support for Rebuilding of Production System (Monozukuri)
SCM Diagnosis
Procurement Cost Reduction Program
Development Purchasing
Market Trend and Field Surveys
Standardization of Embedded Software's Functions
Development Ability Diagnosis
Innovation in Software Development Management
Building Development Platform
Innovation of Daily Operation Management (WILL Activities)
Design Quality Innovation
FF (Feed Forward & Fact Finding/ Fix & Front Loading): Source Oriented Development Process Innovation
Strengthening Engineers' Planning Ability, Ability to Make Forward-looking Proposals
Cost Half (Cost-halving Plan)
Variety Reduction Program (VRP)
Target Costing Coupled with Cost Development
Customer Focus - Marketing Activities by Engineers
Building of Technology Roadmap
Organizational Climate Activation Program
Creation of Mechanism for Human Resource Development
Assessment of Management Human Resources
Personnel System Development
HRM Diagnosis
Realization of Cost Reduction through Improvement of Labor Productivity
5S (Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke) Program
Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
Productivity Improvement Programs for Administrative and Back-office Sections of Factories
Total Productivity (TP) Management Program for Realizing Innovation in Monozukuri
Global Production Strategy
Diagnosis for Reducing Production Costs
Review of Business Opportunities and Risks
Business Revenue Innovation by Local Corporations
FS and Planning of Business Scheme before Entry to Local Area


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