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JMAC’s Business in Asia

JMAC serves manufacturers and other clients from various industries including distribution, finance, and service.
We led the industrial world during Japan’s post-war high-growth period and now widely provide consulting services, irrespective of the client’s industry or size. We have promoted diverse projects, including formulation of management strategies, process improvements, sales CRM, M&A, medium- and long-term management plans, and business strategies.

We have thus established a framework for widely providing support, from strategy formulation to process improvement, human resource development, and marketing.

JMAC consultants not only make suggestions, but also innovates companies and organizations together with clients toward producing achievements.
Instead of merely suggesting improvements and showing directions of innovation, our consultants assuredly put the suggestions into practice, produce achievements, and provide follow-up support.

This adherence to the result-oriented approach is the greatest feature of JMAC, and we have consistently emphasized it since our foundation.

JMAC has professional consultants specializing in a range of fields including R&D management, strategy and marketing, and production strategy and logistics. We organize project teams by collecting the best members for individual themes, thereby meeting clients’ expectations.

JMAC cooperates with our overseas subsidiaries and bases in Europe, the U.S., and Asian countries. Leveraging this global network, we have successfully achieved outstanding results around the globe.

Since 1990, we have also held symposiums under the theme of “learning from innovative companies of the world.” We select innovative companies from around the globe and learn what is behind their success as case examples. These symposiums have gained a high reputation by providing opportunities to find solutions to innovation-related issues.

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