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Human Resource Development Program

Practical Productivity Improvement Activities
Basic Training in Production Management and Inventory Reduction
Basic Training in TPM
Training in Maynard Operation Sequence Technique (MOST)
Training for Mastering Basic IE Techniques
Basics of IE
Training in Supervisor Roles
Basic Supervisor Training
Practical Quality Improvement Activities
Practical Training in Full Check of Quality Elements
Training in QC Methods (7 Tools)
Primary-level Quality Control Training
Quality Management Training
Practical Training for Improving Issue-resolution Abilities
Training for Improving Problem-solving Abilities
Training in Efficiency Improvement of Back-office Operations (For Increasing Kaizen Skills)
Training in Efficiency Improvement of Back-office Operations (Expertise in Kaizen)
Basic Training in Business Manners and Work
Business Manner Training
Training in Roles of a Section Chief
Training in Roles of a General Manager
Training of Managerial Staff Responsible for Activity Innovations
Primary-level Management Training
Medium-level Management Training

Human Resource Development Program

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